Monday, November 01, 2004

A-League launch proves Australian soccer has no imagination

The new, improved, revamped, de-ethnicised Australian soccer leage was announced today. And why oh why am I feeling the need to pick the eyes out of it already? Maybe I was just born cynical but I can't say I'm feeling really optimistic about the latest reincarnation of the league. The teams are:

The eight participant clubs will be Adelaide United, Auckland Kingz, Queensland Lions, Central Coast Mariners from Gosford in NSW, Melbourne Victory, Newcastle United, Perth Glory and Sydney FC.

My first query is: two teams just north of Sydney? The Central Coast Mariners (Mariners?? Not a good start as any rugby league fan will know) and Newcastle United. Can the area support TWO teams? I would wonder if they could support one. Of course, I would love to be proved wrong.

Secondly, who thought up the gay names? Kingz was pretty bad but they can be excused, they're New Zealanders. The 'Victory'? Surely a mocker if ever I heard one. I'm still finding it hard to stomach the 'Glory'. I know John O'Neill has said this is not the Premier League (you got THAT right sunshine) but a little more imagination with the names wouldn't have gone astray. How can we ever dream to match it with the 'Terriers', the 'Addicks', the 'Toffees' or even the 'Posh'?

One good thing that I can see with the creation of this new league: NO NORTHERN SPIRIT!


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